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Yaacov Agam − "Rainbow"

One of the founders of the Pop Art movement, and the most significant protagonist of Kinetic Art, Yaacov Agam, born in 1928, lives and works in Paris. His major works can be seen in the Louvre in Paris, the Museum of modern Art in New York; and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.          

Agam explored his concept of time as “transient amid the wonder of life” in a quartet of collections named “Rainbow”, “Multidimension”, Galaxy” and “Lovestar”, for the Movado Artists’ Series issued in 1989. Each collection consists of four timepieces – clock, pocket watch, bracelet watch and strap watch.  The one titled “Rainbow” is in the permanent collections of museums in Germany, Switzerland and Japan. 

Agam’s “Multidimension” design features transparent disks painted with multi-color geometric shapes. As the disks rotate, colorful new, ever-changing patterns are created.