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Romero Britto – "Children of The World"

Born in Brazil in 1963, Romero Britto is a rising star of Pop Art. His distinctive style, called “Neo-Pop”, is bold with colorful imagery.

Britto is known for using his art to draw attention to important social and political issues, as he did with his 1994 watch for the Movado Artists’ Series, a project designed to raise funds to benefit children around the world.

Applying his belief that “we should fill our lives with color and hope”, the dial of Britto’s watch is lacquered in bright colors. It depicts two human faces. The strap which continues the exuberant design, is vibrantly silk-screened vinyl. In shape, the unique transparent display case resembles the ancient symbol for life, “chai”.

All proceeds from the sale of this watch benefitted St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and UNICEF.